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Transparency & Accountability.

Kwayet uses real-time communication to log, track and manage sales-(goods & services), expenses, staples-(raw materials), jobs, prices, attendance, conversations etc, thereby improving productivity and promoting transparency & accountability in a workplace.

Packed with handy features

  • Get daily, weekly, monthly reports including revenue, expenses, projected profit (PP) etc.
  • Supports multiple locations & multiple employees. Also supports both Barcodes & QR codes.
  • Generate, print and share receipts or invoices (like POS receipts). Compatible with mobile printers.
  • See who sold what, when & where. See the sales performance of a particular sales-rep, stock or store location.
  • Admin(s) can restrict what people in their workplace can do by assigning privileges to them. For instance only employees with sales privilege can access the stock inventory to sell, view or count stocks.
  • Tap anyone in your workplace to assign them a job.
  • Receive instant notification when a someone tap you in their operation.
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  • Workplace admin(s) will be tapped when someone in their workplace falsifies an entry.
  • Employees can log their expenses with option to attach documents, signatures, receipts etc. They must tap one or more people to approve or acknowledge their expenses.
  • If a workplace has multiple locations Kwayet supports stock transfer (and raw material transfer) so admin(s) can easily manage stock distribution (and raw material distribution) across various locations.
  • Group chats, meetings & private chats to coordinate your operations.
  • A workplace admin can add new stock, adjust stock prices, refill stock, downscale a stock etc in realtime and all their employees with sales privilege will be tapped for the new changes.
  • Employees with sales privilege can do a stock count of what is on the shelves or in-store for the day and can tap anyone to acknowledge their counting. Admin(s) will see a log of what was counted compared to what is left in the inventory and can decide further.
  • Employees can clock-in and clock-out, so admin(s) can seamlessly identify latecomers, absentees, early-leavers and numbers of hours spent at work each day. Aside from getting attendance report via dashboard, employee can also tap anyone during clock-In & clock-out so they can receive an instant notification when they get to work or close for the day.
  • When an employee is blocked by an admin all their workplace data will be wiped from the employee's device but can be later restored when they are unblocked.
  • From private-chats, to group-chats, to branded-meetings, to voice+video calls, to live-poll, to screen-share, to whiteboards and simple-user-management! Kwayet uses it ultra-sync, ultra-fast communication channels (encrypted) to better organize your workplace communication and let you separate work from friends & family.
  • No data is ever lost even when you lost, change or wipe your device, you can simply restore your data from history.
  • Kwayet runs on Google Cloud and your data is encrypted.
  • Etc.

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