Cloud Based.
Accounting & Inventory
Management App.

Kwayet let you record & monitor sales, stocks, expenses, productions, conversations, etc. through its smart, encrypted, and dynamic block system that ensures your data is secure and tamper-proof, making it impossible or difficult for the system to be changed or manipulated.

Kwayet does not allow anyone to delete operation data (block) but can only mark an entry (block) as false in case of a mistake and even at that, business owners or managers will receive an instant alert on their mobile devices that an entry has been falsified.

Easy to use.

Manage in real time.


Monitor Everything Anywhere

You'll know who sold what, when, and where, and you'll be alerted to any suspicious activity. Plus, you'll be notified when your inventory is running low, so you can restock before it's too late.

Kwayet is perfect for all types of businesses, from shops and stores to supermarkets, hotels, laundries, hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices, etc.

Kwayet gives you real-time visibility into everything that's happening in your business, no matter where you are.

Light & Fast

world’s lightest & fastest inventory application.

Getting Started.

1 Get started with Kwayet! Simply download the app and register your business as the owner or administrator.

Already registered or added as a staff? No problem, just log in with your email address.

2 Easily manage your team by adding staff members and assigning privileges like sales or administrator abilities.

3 Get organized by adding your inventory of stocks, services and more. Need help?

Watch our helpful demo videos for guidance on how to fully utilize the app.

Available for free.

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Work Offline

Kwayet supports SALESHOLD.

Say goodbye to lost sales due to lack of internet connection with Kwayet's Saleshold feature.

Allow your sales reps to hold and record transactions even offline and easily sync them to the cloud when internet is available or when the sale is finalized.

Never miss a sale again with Kwayet.

Stay Ahead

notified before you run out of stock.


Stay on top of your spending with Kwayet. Our app allows you to monitor and approve expenses in real-time, giving you complete visibility into where your money is going.

Plus, create custom expense categories to easily track and categorize your spending.

Track your profits and expenses, so you always know exactly how much money you're making and where it's coming from (cash, POS, bank transfers, etc.). You can see your profits for the day, week, month, etc. and what you have left in real-time.

Add multiple prices (e.g retail price, wholesale price, bulk price) to a particular stock or service.
     Sales reps can choose anyone one when recording a sales.

Receive instant alert when admin refilled or downscaled a stock.

Kwayet supports both Barcodes & QR codes so you can scan stocks, receipts, invoices, etc.

No More Waiting!

Fetch report in real-time.

Say goodbye to post-work report crunching! With Kwayet, you can access real-time sales reports as soon as transactions are recorded. No more waiting - keep track of your business's performance at all times with Kwayet's instant report feature.

Multiple Locations.

See what is left across multiple locations in realtime.

Do More

Unlimited Use Case

Loyal Customers

Sell to loyal customers (dealers & partners) on credits and track their debts or installments.


Export sales reports in spreadshet format (Excel) etc.

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